Best Software Development Companies in Berlin – How to find one

Best software development companies in Berlin

The choice available to business owners like you who are seeking a software development company to build their business app could be overwhelming. If you are faced with the challenge of finding an ideal software company, a how-to manual on finding suitable software companies is what you need. That’s because it will help you separate the winner from everyone else. And if you are looking to find the best software development companies in Berlin, our guide can help you with the process. 

Choosing the wrong software developers in Berlin or anywhere in the world will turn a simple project into one that requires substantial exertion. So you definitely don’t want to make a choice that you may regret.

Nevertheless, software development companies in Germany provide excellent services, and you will be glad you chose them for your project. 

So, if you are a business owner or technology leader, let’s address the greatest hurdle you can face: how do you choose a reliable business to work on your project?

Dive in to find out. 

What you need to know to get started 

Finding the best software development companies in Berlin should be without hassle, considering that Berlin has given birth to innumerable software companies. These companies are built and run by some of the top software developers in Berlin.

This is why numerous top tech companies and US startups have chosen to establish their German or European headquarters in Berlin.

This makes Berlin one of the startup ecosystems with the highest rates of growth worldwide. Needless to mention that the German capital is a significant tech hub in Europe.

Software development outsourcing in Berlin offers companies the opportunity to own customized applications for their business. You will witness applications developed with modern and powerful technologies with remarkable security features while being fairly economical with your investment. 

Notably, software developers in Berlin create forward-thinking and creative solutions that transform many business sectors. But with numerous tech firms in Berlin staring you in the face, your current dilemma should be choosing the ideal one for your project.

Continue reading to learn how you can make the right pick of the best software development companies in Berlin.

Important things to consider when searching for the best Software development companies in Berlin

When there are numerous options, selecting the best software development company might be challenging. You need a company that complements your ideas, needs, and budget. But before you start, ensure that you:

  • Have a firm grasp of your end objectives and the specifications for the project. 
  • Specify the issues that the software should solve
  • List all the features that your software needs to have in terms of the priority of each feature

With these, you will be in a position to start scouting for the Berlin-based software companies that you are looking for to meet your requirements. So if you are an investor, startup, or organization searching for top software development companies in Germany, here are the top things you need to consider when seeking the best software development companies in Berlin.

1. Check portfolios of Berlin-based software companies 

The first thing to look for in a software development company in Germany is its portfolio. Examine each company’s portfolio by doing a simple Google search.  In some cases, the software development companies will have its portfolio listed on its website. But mostly, this might not be true as well as the company may be under non-disclosure agreements. In that case, you can seek interaction with the company.

For example, when you schedule a demo with Wolf-Tech, we take you through the entire process of how we would operate on your project and also share with you our ideas from a domain-expert standpoint. Our experience in your industry will, therefore, be evident.

Checking their portfolio will give you information about products relevant to your particular niche.

If they have delivered projects in your niche, it is definitely a plus point in most cases.

2. Check each company’s years of relevant experience.

The duration a software company has been in business determines its degree of technology exposure. Businesses with more experience have a tried-and-tested method for effectively completing projects, whereas startups are still in the development phase (however, that’s not always true, and will touch upon that shortly).

A seasoned software development company with the necessary expertise and understanding would have streamlined its procedures to save you time.

Notably, you can also encounter some tech companies that are relatively new but have fantastic portfolios. This technically suggests that some new software developers in Berlin may possess the skills to build top business software. 

You are likely to find that some great software developers also start their own companies and studios and in such cases, you must discover more about the developer (and the team) than about the company.

In short, you will need companies with some software development experience.

3. Discover what technology stack and testing the Berlin-based software company utilizes

Ensure you verify what technology stack and testing procedures the company uses for business application development. This is crucial since it determines the quality of the software developed and its reliability.

Best software development companies in Berlin specify the tech stack they think is ideal for different projects. And they ensure that it is compatible with the existing system. So ask the company if it can develop other tech stack solutions and include testing in the schedule.

This is one of the best strategies you can employ to find the best software development company for your project.

4. Check client reviews and testimonials 

Reading the evaluations and testimonials is a good way to determine the software development company’s ability, expertise, and experience.

With these reviews, you can determine the type of projects the company can execute, learn about their development methodologies, and understand how they approach particular business goals. Since these reviews and testimonials are from clients that have previously used the service, you already have a clue about the company.

You can find these reviews on the company’s website, review and rating websites,  listing pages, and even search engines.

5. Understand the company’s project management processes

An extremely under-rated and often ignored quality of a good software development company is its project management process.

Trust us on this one. We have had clients that chose us after having burnt themselves with bad experiences with other companies. The stories of all of them have one common thread. While the offering and the commercials seemed great upfront, when the project began it became impossible to get in touch with the company and know what exactly is happening currently.

Therefore, if you are someone who wants a highly engaging experience while developing your software, always ask the company what is the process they follow.

What should you look for in it?

  • Nothing beats the experience when you have the opportunity to communicate directly with the development team. At Wolf-Tech, you get the privilege to connect with our developers directly so that no information is lost in transmission.
  • Further, an assigned project manager is always good. It is good to know how many projects one manager handle – that would determine the amount of attention given to you. 
  • If in the process there is a provision to touch-base with the development team on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, it will significantly keep you and the company aligned at all times.

The bottom line is – do understand the company’s project management process and make sure that it aligns with what you are looking for.  


For the record, software developers in Berlin are the best to entrust your company’s software development; nonetheless, you should only choose agile software development companies. If you want software companies with the necessary skill set and the ability to deliver your project on schedule, they are your best option.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed in seeking software development outsourcing in Berlin.