Scrum like I’m five

Imagine you want to build a giant castle with Lego blocks, but it’s too big for you to finish all at once. So you break it down into smaller pieces and work on them one at a time.
In Scrum, a team of people works together to build something (like a software program). However, instead of making everything at once, they break the work into smaller pieces called “sprints.”
Each sprint is like building a small part of a castle with Lego blocks. The team decides what they can build in one sprint and works on it together until it’s done.
At the end of each sprint, the team shows what they’ve built to other people (like their boss or the customers). This is like showing off their small Lego castle to friends or family.
Then, the team discusses what they did well and what they can do better next time. This is like thinking about what they learned while building their Lego castle and how they can improve their building skills.
Then, they start another sprint and build the next part of their software program. And they keep doing this until they finish building the whole thing, just like you would finish creating the entire castle with Lego blocks.