Legacy Code Optimization

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Legacy Code Optimization Services

Legacy code means code that is older code, written as per older syntax and best practices, and maybe even code that your company didn’t write. Unless the entire code or system is to be re-written, it is impossible to improve this code.

If you are reading this, it is possible that you have identified such issues in your code and you know that it can become a big vulnerability to your business in the near future.

However, with Wolf-Tech, handling and optimizing legacy code will never be an issue. We have transformed various businesses running on legacy code and code that is non-complaint with best practices.

We will make your business journey of working and running with legacy code a smoother experience to ensure that your systems also remain the strengths of your business.

What we ensure

Legacy code optimization is an extremely crucial task and we ensure that we take utmost care of your systems while making sure that the process goes on smoothly. Here are the steps that we ensure in the legacy code optimization process:

  • We begin with a discovery call that helps us understand you code optimization requirements
  • A second discussion could be conducted which would be specifically with all the technical stakeholders
  • We return with the timelines that and seek the relevant access to your code
  • We commence the work and keep you updated at each step. We also ensure that your systems are always running during this transition.

Frequently Asked Question

Having legacy code in your system is a big vulnerability. As the code become redundant with technological advancements, it makes your system prone to failure and even collapse at any given time.

Absolutely not. We ensure that the transition from the old code to the new optimization code happens without any system downtime.

Why is Wolf-Tech should be our choice for legacy code optimization?

We work on diverse technologies and hence it is likely that we will be able to optimize the code throughout your different systems so that the entire technical system us devoid of any vulnerabilities. We have done this with 100% success rate for various brands.

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